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What does an Affiliate website do?

Affiliate marketing is basically POPP "Promoting Other Peoples Products". An affiliate website is simply a website that advertises products or services sold by retailers and drives targeted traffic to those retailers websites in return for commission on each sale. A prime example of an affiliate marketing website would be a product or services comparison site, such as This site is known as the guru of affiliate websites, with evidence of great success!

Why should I invest in an affiliate marketing website with YBIS?

Affiliate Marketing is a huge growth area for the Internet and provides great business opportunities for you to actually make money. There is no stock to be held as the orders are placed with the retailer directly. Your website, designed by YBIS, simply provides the link to the retailer. Once a purchase is made, you will earn commission. In some cases, up to 65%!

What are the benefits of running my own affiliate marketing site from YBIS?

You can improve your own work/life balance with the flexibility to work from home. You can also run the business from anywhere in the world. The opportunities to make money are huge. If you follow our designated and proven training program and put in the effort required, then it could lead to a successful extra income or even a full time business opportunity. You could even sell the business at a later stage for a great return on investment. We have customers who are earning in excess of £4000 per month!

Why don’t I just set up my own site?

As well as the time and expertise required, the initial set up costs can be high with setting up and maintaining your own website. With a YBIS purchased website we do the work for you, we supply you with a quality website with the product feed already added and comprehensive back up and support including our training program. It is no good owning a website without generating traffic and our training will show you how to get that traffic so you can start earning money.

What is the difference between a £300 website and a YBIS Website?

Simply quality, We offer a full hosting service, full back up and support, and we supply a unique quality website, with a unique design and logo which we don't resell like some other firms. Our websites also come with multiple revenue streams, and ongoing software updates whilst you host your site with us. You would not get any of this with a £300 website!

Some firms sell you a design and website that they have sold to multiple other customers, almost reselling photo copies of websites which puts you in direct competition with customers of the same company for that reason these websites will never rank as well as our websites, which means less traffic and less commission. Cheaper affiliate websites generally only offer 2 revenue streams! Our stores have a minimum of 5 but often many many more depending upon the availability of retailers for a given niche. Whilst you are hosted with us we will also perform security updates on your website if required and software updates, as well as regularly reviewing and improving our training.

What happens to my website if your company closes down?

In the very unlikely event we close down your website would be transferred to another hosting company who in return would also then collect your hosting fees.

Who will be the owner of the website?

Once you have purchased your website, you own it 100%, with all details transferred to your name.

Can I sell the website?

Absolutely! As you own the business 100%, you are entitled to sell the website at a later stage. You may even make a great return on your investment! If you follow our training your initial investment could be worth well in excess of £20,0000 within two years if you decide to sell it.

How do I earn commission from my newly purchased site?

Once you have completed your purchase from YBIS, We will add a number of relevant retailers products to your website and sign you up to the affiliate networks so you can start earning commissions, we do the hard work so you don't have to. All you have to do is promote your website!

When will I be paid for commission?

The commission is paid directly by the retailers. Every time a customer clicks on a link on your site and makes a purchase with the retailer, you earn commission. This is normally paid every 15 days. You can also earn commission on all purchases made by the visitor that you send for up to 30 days! Even if the customer makes a different purchase on the retailers’ site, you will still make commission on the product or service.

How much time would you recommend that I spend on updating and maintaining my new business?

To create a successful Internet Franchise, we would recommend spending around 8-10 hours per week on the software and training provided. This of course can vary, depending on how much effort you are willing to put in.

Once I have purchased the site, are there any other ongoing costs involved?

There are no costs involved in the first 12 months. After the period of 12 months there will be a charge of just £12.99 Inc VAT per month for web site hosting and technical support and you will be responsible for the continual registration of your domain name which is a bi-annual renewal.

What sort of training do you provide?

We provide extensive online training in SEO (search engine optimisation) by providing you with a unique log in to our dedicated training area, which has articles and videos to show you how to use your website and promote your website. By the time you have worked your way through the training modules you will know everything you need to know to make your business a success. We also supply you with powerful software to help you get more visitors to your site and to get the most effective use out of your website. That's not all, we also offer a helpful customer support service, so we are only a phone call away to help with your queries.

How are the products updated on my website?

All products and prices are updated automatically by the retailer. Even if there are promotional offers on, your website will display the correct and up-to-date prices. You won’t have to do anything!

I have no experience in running an Internet Business. How do I manage?

Our online training program and ongoing customer service support are here to help you gain the knowledge and expertise to run a successful site. Even if you have no experience in running an Internet Business, the whole process is a great learning process which also gives you a marketable skill you can add to your CV. We also supply you with easy to use marketing software to get you up and running straight away. Help and advice is also a quick phone call or email away from our friendly team.

How do I gain traffic?

You can gain traffic by working on promoting your site, keeping up to date with blogging, social media, forum commentating and maintaining an active mailing list. You will also be provided with powerful software that can help your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How much can I earn?

The earning potential is uncapped and if you are prepared to put the effort in you could return your investment well within the first year. The retailer commissions and Google Adsense are the two main revenue streams for your web business.

What happens after I buy a store from YBIS?

Once you have purchased your bespoke store, our dedicated sales team will take you through the entire hand-over process, which will include all log-ins to get you started as soon as possible.