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Do Our Home Based Business Opportunities Come With A Guarantee?

Posted on December 6, 2012 by ybis There have been 0 comments

Do Our Home Based Business Opportunities Come With A Guarantee?

We at ybis do not offer a ‘guarantee’ to return your investment if you are not satisfied with the returns in the first year on any of our home based businesses, but why is this?

We have heard from clients that other companies are offering this kind of ‘guarantee’ and we sometimes get asked why we do not. The simple answer is that we feel this ‘guarantee’ is disingenuous and we don’t like to create any smoke and mirrors with our ybis home based business opportunities. We are very confident in the performance potential of our start up businesses and as such we do not believe we need to offer a guarantee which will confuse and mislead clients and inevitably offer a false sense of security.

So why do we feel these types of ‘guarantees’ are smoke and mirrors? The type of ‘guarantees’ we have seen that offer 100% of your money back in the first 12 months are based on certain criteria being met that is often very loosely outlined. It is a combination of these criteria and a certain lack of explanation where we feel the confusion arises.

Most of the ‘guarantees’ around for affiliate businesses are based on you achieving 250 unique visitors per day using the techniques described in the training. This in our opinion is the hardest part for new affiliate marketers, this baseline figure is in fact easily achievable however it takes time and of course effort which unfortunately not everyone is willing to put in.

The business model is proven and it is a well established fact that if you get a sufficient amount of the right traffic to a well designed affiliate store then people will buy the products from the retailers and affiliate commissions will be paid. Herein lies the ‘catch 22’ so to speak with any ‘guarantee’ offered by a company selling affiliate businesses. If you are achieving 250 hits a day in the right way to a ybis store then we are extremely confident that your store will be working sufficiently well enough to convert this traffic into clicks through to the retailers, where many affiliate commissions will be earned.

We will give you a numerical example to help put this into perspective. Let’s assume that you are getting 250 hits a day to your site and that you have done this for 60 consecutive days, all in your first year as an affiliate marketer! Well done you deserve a big pat on the back! You are now eligible for the money back ‘guarantee’ but with these levels of traffic would you want to use it? Let’s again assume you have an EPC (Earnings Per Click) of 20p now this is a relatively low figure as it stands anyway and many affiliate businesses have EPC’s well above this but for simplicity we will be using 20p. This does not mean that you will be earning 250 x £0.20 (20p) because not all of these visitors (hits) will convert into clicks through the retailers website. Again for simplicity’s sake let’s assume only 50% of these do go through. This means that your daily income would be 250 hits x 50% = 125 (clicks) 125 x £0.20 = £25 per day x 365 = £9,125 per year. Now with an additional annual income of £9,125 per year for an initial investment of £3,499 would you even want your money back or would this be an income you are happy with? I am sure you would all be happy to have built your site up to the annual equivalent of a £9,125 income with the realistic assumption that this would continue to grow well into your second year.

This is why we feel this type of ‘guarantee’ is misleading. If you are ever in a position to utilise the ‘guarantee’ then you will not want to. If you are unhappy with the income that you are achieving it will in all reality be because you have not been able to achieve a sufficient amount of traffic. This is the hardest part as an affiliate marketer and indeed for any new business starting out. So from our perspective offering a ‘guarantee’ that we will give you your money back IF you do the hard part only leads to confusion and would in essence be misleading to our clients.

We feel that the work we have put into the sites and the online training has resulted in a fantastic product and as such we do not feel the need to hide behind smoke and mirrors in order to create a false sense of security. We are selling great start up businesses and as such there will always be a degree of entrepreneurial risk. The simple principals of risk vs. reward apply here and it is only fair that any of our potential clients are aware of the realities of what they are entering into without an imaginary comfort blanket.

Carl Curran - Sales Executive

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