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Using a blog to grow your online business

Posted on December 10, 2012 by ybis There have been 0 comments

Using a blog to grow your online business

When you’re running your own online affiliate marketing business, you’ll find that you will be spending a fair amount of time writing informative and engaging blog posts. One of the common pitfalls we see from many affiliate marketers isn’t the fact that their content isn’t up to scratch, what we see is that people tend to fall into a trap where they stick to one style of writing and although unique content plus quality back links are the key to any successful SEO campaign, your blog posts can become far more engaging to your audience and carry far more weight if you incorporate many different types of blog posts to keep the reader guessing as to what type of blog is coming up next?

The type of blog post you choose to write can depend on several different things such as your knowledge on the niche, how deep you want to go on a specific subject and what other priorities you have at that time around your online business. You may not have the time to write a larger 2,000 word article explaining all the benefits of the next great product coming to your site.

5 different ways to make a blog post

List blog posts are great if you are new to blogging and your expertise may lend themselves to other areas such as marketing your online business or managing the relationships with the retailers. A list blog is a great way of making a number of different points and neatly applying them to a list, in fact making a list blog is so easy we have turned this entire blog post into one, notice it now? You find that you won’t need to write as much because the list explains the different partitions without you having to add any bridging text between paragraphs. Lists such as ‘The top 5 Guitars of all time’ and ‘5 ways to wrap a Christmas present’ are perfect examples of great list blog ideas. Though we are sure you can come up with something better yourselves.

Instructional blog posts how people how to do something in an informative, easy to follow, step by step manner. Instructional blog posts can work really well for food related niches, or for anything that requires prior knowledge to use the products you are selling, or even if you have a great seasonal idea for your readers such as ‘How to make Sangria!’ the great thing about instructional blog posts for food niches is that you can link to ingredients and utensils needed to make the dish generating some great commissions from a blog post.

Product review blog posts are a great addition to your online business because they will work not only to explain a product in more detail to potential buyers but will allow you to gain genuine trust in an item if it has received some great feedback from genuine customers. Simply enabling comments to be added to your products is a great way to encourage customer feedback and all of our online businesses come pre-built with this function to allow people to do that right away.

You don’t always have to make a blog post solely to generate back links to your website. It is a valuable tool of your SEO campaign to make quality outbound links too. Link-to posts are a great way of supplying your audience with a great deal of information on a subject that relates to your niche but might not necessarily be directly relevant to have on your site in the first place. A good example of this would be if you are promoting alloy wheels and a great new sports car as come out, making a small 500 word article about the new car and linking to a larger full demonstrational review from the retailer or even another blog will show people that you care about finding the best information currently on the market as well as telling Google that you aren’t only interested in your own back links. This will benefit your SEO in the long run.

Debate’s can cause controversy, controversy attracts media attention and media attention is an invaluable marketing tool for any online business. Of course it needs to be good media attention, not negative but this can be done by sparking a relevant topic for discussion about a recent news event or by using social media to make one of your blog posts go viral! Twitter is a great tool for monitoring trends in the market and to see what people across the globe are saying about certain political or media heavy occurrences getting your topic to ‘trend’ of Twitter is very difficult but can turn a blog into one of the most read about news items in only a few days! Social media truly is a powerful tool for affiliate marketing.

Try out a few of these blog ideas yourself and let us know what works for you in the comments below!

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