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Running an online business an interview with Len Halcomb

Posted on December 13, 2012 by ybis There have been 0 comments

Running an online business, an interview with Len Halcomb

Online businesses that are inspired from an individual’s passions and originate from a desire to improve upon one’s own personal experiences often turn out to be some of the most profitable businesses ideas because they cater to a specific market niche that has yet to be taken advantage of.

Ybis (Your Business Internet Solutions) specialise in building bespoke online business opportunities without having to have a large capital outlay, allowing the average person the chance to earn a great passive income alongside their existing job, with the potential to become their main source of income.

Ybis jumps on board with Len Halcomb, founder of ‘Road Home Comforts’ a website dedicated to filling a gap in the haulage industry by supplying a variety of trucking accessories, bedding and everything needed to create a home, away from home to those who work in the difficult transportation industry. Len Halcomb came to Ybis for his business solution looking to earn an additional income while still finding the time to work his current job and spend valuable time with his grandkids.

Len Halcomb online business

“I started road home comforts for a few reasons, I have worked in the haulage industry for more than 14 years and through experience it’s very difficult when you have to spend most of your time living in a truck all week.

You do everything from inside your truck such as cooking your own food, entertaining yourself and due to the fact most mattresses in Lorries are horrifically uncomfortable, sleeping becomes a real chore and I’m often left with a bad back. Because of this you are left feeling tired and the job can really take its toll on you.

At the end of the day it’s nice to catch up with the world by relaxing and watching a bit of TV. In order to find all these products means you have to spend hours looking at different websites so having all of these products on one website makes it a lot easier for us working in the industry to find what we are looking for.”

The benefits of using Len Halcomb’s business model

Working in the affiliate marketing industry allows Len to never have to handle any stock, deal with customer enquiries, update his products or process any of the orders he receives because all of the major suppliers for his products do all of this for him, which means he has more time to do the things that he enjoys doing. It also means he has more time to focus on marketing his business and moving the company forward quicker.

“For the future I would like to see ‘Road home comforts’ become the default provider for all drivers. I am planning on increasing my product range by supplying insurance both for Fleet and owner drivers. Road home comforts also caters for campervans and recreational camping so with a bit of hard work and determination the future of Road home comforts looks very bright indeed.

Giving the drivers what they need to perform their job safely and in comfort is one of my main priorities and puts us in a good position within the market.”

 Many thanks, Len Halcomb – founder of Road home comforts.

The road certainly looks clear for Len and his online business. Ybis looks forward to keeping an eye on Len’s progress and we can’t wait to see what he has planned for the future. If you would like to be involved with Ybis and start your own business in a niche of your choice, then get in contact with the Ybis team.

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