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Social media marketing for your online business

Posted on December 19, 2012 by ybis There have been 0 comments

Social media marketing for your online business

Social media marketing is all about engaging in conversation with your brand’s community of customers, fans and prospects. The best way to create lasting and meaningful customer interaction through social media is with effective messaging and topic creation.

If you are running your own online business, then you are probably already thinking about how to source, edit and put together compelling content to publish on your social media sites. But without taking a step back and thinking about how to actually make your messages more efficient in general then you might not be able to make the most out of your community.

There are many tools that are designed to make your life easier when sharing things via social media by streamlining the way messages are collected, routed and distributed across the social media networks that your brand is communicating to.

We have sourced 5 great ways for you to maximise your exposure on these sites and to create a lasting database of followers to push your business in the right direction.

First off you need to prioritise your responses to those already contacting you. If you are a very new business there might not be too many issues regarding time management yet, but as your business grows you will at some point have to learn which messages to respond to and which messages to ignore. You need to spot urgent messages, such as someone posting a comment about a competitor, if someone is enquiring about a specific product or has a complaint.

It’s usually best to filter out promotional messages where someone is trying to advertise their own products or sell something themselves to your hard earned fan base.

Running your online business is easy with social media marketing

When using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest you’ll have the ability to send special promotions or extended offers to clusters of individuals based off of certain demographics, it’s usually best to set these groups up from the start as it can be a very time consuming process to do to at a later stage. You need to look at certain criteria such as location, language, age, gender, relationship status and what their interests are so you can tailor your promotions accordingly. Sending a message out about designer hair brushes to thousands of single men living alone is going to leave you very disappointed in your lack of responses.

Keep track of important messages. When you have announced something big, or if you have a special promotion that is lasting an extended amount of time, your announcement can slip down the page very quickly if you are posting new news and content daily so finding these again can be a real chore if you needed them for reference at a later date.

Make a note of important tweets and discussions you make so you can refer to them later.

Another thing to consider is to create interaction with your posts. Simply linking to your blog, or latest news article isn’t going to encourage your fan base to share, and talk about you. Some of the best viral marketing campaigns are often based around completely irrelevant topics a popular video can be shares hundreds of thousands of times with the click of a button and if your brand pops up in the form of a logo within that video then you have worldwide exposure just waiting to happen. Ask for people’s opinions when you make posts. Get people involved.

Schedule your messages. When you want to maximise your brand exposure make sure you are posting across all of your social media platforms at the same time. Only sharing a great story about a customer to one area will dramatically reduce your brands exposure and by the time you realise you needed to post your story elsewhere the story might be cold, out of date and lacking in power that it would have had if released earlier.

Follow these guidelines and make running your online business much easier and really benefit from your social media marketing.

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