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Choosing the right affiliate network for your home business

Posted on January 4, 2013 by ybis There have been 0 comments

Deciding on the right affiliate networks for your performance marketing home business will be key to building lasting relationships and great commission avenues for your home business.

Affiliate networks act as the middleman for all of your relationships between the retailers and the products you will be promoting. In the affiliate marketing world these affiliate networks play the main role in the effective operation of the entire industry, therefore it is vital that you understand the importance of choosing the correct affiliate networks that you will be able to manage and utilise properly.

One of the main problems with many performance marketing business models is that they sign up with affiliate networks that only specialise in coupons, incentives and have many conflicts of interest when it comes to generating the bulk of their revenue. Home business owners looking to establish a long term relationship with an affiliate network need to spend the time learning and understanding the dynamics of the industry, if they want to hope to make a success of their online business.

From the perspective of the affiliate network, all affiliates are considered good affiliates. This is because all sales that you make are adding to the money making engine of the affiliate industry. Merchants who are available on affiliate networks which you can apply to for additional products on your site see any referral and sale lending itself to their additional revenue streams and it has long been proven that affiliates make up to 12% of all online sales in the UK alone.

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As a standard ybis will always sign you up with whatever affiliate networks suit your products. We have been using trusted and respected affiliate networks such as Affiliate Window and Trade Doubler for years and understand the importance of a good relationship between you and your product suppliers. This also means that you have nothing to worry about when you make sales through your website as you can rest assured your money is being held within an account that you can trust to be paid on time, every 15 days.

Your home business shouldn’t have to suffer from poor relationships with your affiliate networks so do your research before just signing onto any networks that take your fancy.


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