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Marketing your online business, 5 key trends.

Posted on January 17, 2013 by ybis There have been 0 comments

Marketing trends to look out for this year, when running your own online business

Now that 2012 is over, many marketing strategists across businesses big and small will be asking the same question 'How will our marketing strategy change this year?' and if your not thinking this, then well, start doing so.

Google as well as numerous other advertising avenues have changed the way we view the internet and it's uses in marketing and will continue to do so well into 2013. I have seen many online trends come and go and some that haveĀ moldedĀ the way we optimise our sites and enhance our users experiences.

Here are some of the key marketing trends to look out for this year when running your own online business:

Google Updates, As the internet giant continues to try and deliver the best possible content for every search result put into Google they will undoubtedly change and update their algorithms, rewarding legitimate white-hat practices and of course penalising black-hat attempts to rank your site. As with Penguin coming out in April last year resulting in the de-ranking of many established sites so will this happen in 2013? It's important to stick to good SEO strategies and never deviate from this path if you are looking for a long term benefit to your site.

Mobile shopping, between the introduction of powerful for more user friendly phones and tablets such as the iPad and Kindle Fire becoming our own personal army of hand held pc's. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has a quad core processor and is more powerful than the average laptop that was on the market 3 years ago. This means one thing. Shopping online is at an all time high. Ybis has already done much of this for you by making all of our websites mobile optimised and able to be displayed on mobile devices so people can shop with you on the go.

Whats great about this particular trend is that this one shows no sign of ending. All of our websites come with whats called a responsive design, so no matter what mobile device you are using or could be using in 10 years time. They will still be viewable, which it a very good thing and means you will be able to make sales when your competitors won't.

Surpisingly enough, Social media comes into our list for marketing trends to look out for this year. Social media has been growing in importance for many years with Pinterest being the hot new network of the year allowing brands to share their favourite products to their target audience with ease and freely. Social media also drives SEO rankings and website positioning with more popular share-able content being given more weight.

It's also important to note that social media is one of the easiest ways to get feedback from your customers and often can be the home to negative comments but should be welcomed as an opportunity to show your great customer care than frowned at.

One which not many people know about is Authorship, authorship allows you to put a digital fingerprint on your articles, news and website content using a 'rel=author' tag within your code. This allows you to have your face or digital signature alongside your search results to viewers can easily find more of the work done by you if they found a particular piece of content from you entertaining. The only downside to this is you need to consistently be creating good content if you are going to be putting your name alongside it, as your online reputation is in the firing line if you don't.

Finally authority. Authority has always been a stable area of internet marketing and should be maintained if you hope to have a prosperous 2013. You need to be focusing on two specific types, Domain authority and Page authority, having an even balance of both is important to strong Google rankings. Domain authority covers your entire site and page covers individual pages or articles, when concerning specific keywords. Having engaging content and stellar social communication between them will be crucial to the success of your online business.


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