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Women, start your business in 2013

Posted on January 21, 2013 by ybis There have been 0 comments

What does 2013 have in store for women in business?

2012 has been a big year for business. Taking a look back at the year gone by I’ve found that I have been continuously inspired by the accomplishments of some of the most influential businesswomen from all backgrounds and levels of seniority. From running a small business that replace the 9-5 to establishing start ups worth over £300million women are proving that now is the best time for women across the UK to launch their own business.

Creating that life changing opportunity is on the mind of over 250,000 women each year who launch their own business in some form or another. But what is considered a ‘life changing’ opportunity? To some people a life changing opportunity could be simply earning an extra £200 a month, others wouldn’t settle for anything less than a business which turns over £3million a year. Regardless of your individual circumstances and aspirations the only thing holding anyone back from financial success in 2013 is whether or not their desire to change is greater than their desire to keep things the way they are.

Fortunately, starting a business these days is much easier than it used to be with many business opportunities available to women outside the norm of simply establishing yourself as a solo trader or setting up their own limited company. The most popular of these being in the form of franchises, that offer the opportunity to buy into an established brand with the support of a proven marketing strategy and a corporate structure already in place. The only thing left down to the individual mainly is then is to find a suitable location that adheres to the brands target demographic. Most franchises have an active network of clients and customers already in place which can mean that an income can be seen in a shorter time than it may take if you are setting up your own limited company.

There are however drawbacks to buying into an established franchise as a means of starting your own business. This largely lies in the fact that most, if not all franchises are out of reach to the average person who might not have a large working capital in which to make the initial investment, with some franchises costing over £100,000 just to get off the ground and running. Filling this gap in the market are companies such as that can offer start up business opportunities to those who are attracted to the benefits of a franchise such as the backup, training and support but might not necessarily have the large investment or experience involved in running a franchise.

One of the major advantages of these businesses being offered by these ‘business in a box’ companies is that they are often run from home, in your own time and around the hobbies and passions in your life which is ultimately how many of the great business start ups of 2012 were formed. Choosing to start a business within an industry and niche of your choice can be regarded as the single most important factor when starting out in any business venture and can often be the difference between success and failure.

Start up businesses

Victoria Dzhioeva-Bester founder of is one such ‘Mumpreneur’ who has recently started her own business who shares with us her experiences of running her business, advice for women looking to start their own business and ultimately what lead her to begin her journey within this industry.

Victoria Dzhioeva-Bester explains that her business MyHungryBaby “offers customers a broad range of baby feeding products, what makes my company different is my price comparison structure that simplifies the whole shopping process. There are just so many products that come from a variety of suppliers so the customer can choose not only the right product but also what retailer to buy from as well as always getting the best prices.” There are also many advantages to her business model, one being that she gets to work from home, being the mother of a toddler it’s important that any mum can balance their work/life schedule without the worry of having to offset her responsibilities as a mother. “As a mum to a toddler I know all about the difficulty in choosing exactly the right product from the great variety available both in store and online. MyHungryBaby provides the solution.”

It’s interesting hearing about the benefits of working from home, but there can be drawbacks as with any business model that requires you to mix both home and work life, a successful business women understand to maximise on the benefits while reducing the effect of the drawbacks, “The main drawback to working from home is that it’s very hard to be disciplined about actually working! Home life always tries to intrude when a crisis occurs and children demanding attention at the most inconvenient of times.” Working from home also can have a lot of unforeseen benefits, being around your children from an early age is fundamental when teaching them valuable life lessons, “It’s good for my son to see me working, if I was stuck in an office he would be oblivious to my efforts, hopefully it will teach him a good work ethic for the future.”

MyHungryBaby is just one example of a start up that had hit the nail on the head within a niche that hasn’t been exploited. These types of online businesses might not have been possible ten years ago and with the amount of retail sales occurring online every yea increasing dramatically as well as those making purchases through a mobile phone. I see good things in the pipeline for her with MyHungryBaby hopefully becoming a shining example within the childcare industry. Mums, who have yet to go for it and run their own business, should “Be confident and take the plunge to start their own business.  But make sure that you find something you can be passionate about because it is hard work and will require some financial investment. The only way to be a success is through lots of hard work, perseverance and confidence in yourself.”

Whatever your plans for world domination may be, I have continued confidence and respect for those who do decide to run their own business. I feel 2013 holds a lot for many home-based businesses especially those run by inspiring Mumpreneurs.

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