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Why should you start an online business?

Posted on February 28, 2013 by ybis There have been 0 comments

Why should you start an online business?

Online retailing has seen a rise by a massive 14% in the last year with more than £68.2bn being spent online in the UK alone. It is with this in mind coupled with statistic from previous years that experts have strong evidence to suggest that this growth will indeed continue and will hit the high street very hard, we have already seen multiple high street chains enter into administration recently with the risk of many more following suit if this current trend in our shopping habits continue.

The UK is Europe’s leading economy for online retailing, with online sales reaching £68.2bn in 2011 alone. This trend has been following suit across the globe showing an increase of 25% to £591bn!!!

In spite of the recession the UK’s online economy is seeing an increase of around 16% annually, which is why the birth of new online businesses reaping the benefits of the increased demand for online shopping and the lack of outward spending involved in running an online business. We have also seen an increase in the amount of jobs available for specialists in online retail with students now taking courses at university solely aimed at online and digital marketing.

With footfall on the high street seeing an average decrease over the years the amount of people shopping online at any one point in time is estimated to be around 32million, with more than 1billion parcels and products shipped as a result of online purchases each year.

The average person spends £1,500 each year online which according to the general population is around 39 individual items a year. The most common items bought online are clothes, closely followed by car parts. The recent improvements in technology as well as the speed in which wireless connectivity is available to us, 4G networks will become standard practice within 3 years enabling the average person limitless connectivity from almost anywhere on the globe, people shop from their phones, electronic tablets and laptops more than ever with banks now accepting the reality of the importance of online payment protection, with steps being implemented to safeguard their customers while making purchases online.

Another area of online retail contributing to the many sales online is through affiliate websites such as the ones being sold through providing the average person the chance to earn a substantial income, from home, even if they have no previous experience of running their own business. Affiliate marketing is invaluable to retailers and they know this as the entire system is designed to work like a companion to their online sales team. The various retailers will happily pay out millions in affiliate commissions each year, which you could be a part of.

Successful affiliates are earning comfortable incomes with commission rates ranging from 5-60% depending on the item being sold, it really is the best way to make an income from home with those who focus on tight dedicated market niches laughing at the automated income that they have built for themselves.


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