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What can you earn from a ybis work from home business opportunity?

Posted on March 7, 2013 by ybis There have been 0 comments

What can you earn from a ybis work from home business opportunity?

Over the last few months we have been monitoring the income of yet another one of our home based businesses built by our dedicated team of in-house professionals. We occasionally check up on some of our websites progress in an attempt to better our guidance, advice and professional business development support.

We wanted to take this opportunity to show you some proven earnings that we have seen over a two month period with just one of our online stores. This particular website was built within the Adult industry and specialises in selling a variety of Adult toys, nightwear and accessories and although is still only a few months old and not been consistently worked by an owner has already seen some great commissions being made on a daily basis providing an excellent income for it’s potential owner.

We use many online third party networks to bridge the relationships between supplier and business owner, this particular affiliate network is called ‘Paid on Results’ and works in very much the same way as Affiliate Junction, Trade Doubler and many others by paying the business owner commissions earned every 15 days direct to their bank account.

ybis affiliate earnings

This first image shows you a variety of different statistics about this websites earnings. Most noticeably is the total commissions earned in the last period of £690.58 which has been earned since creation in October 2012, however it is worth mentioning that the business was not been worked and launched yet so prior to January 2013, only small commissions have been seen coming through as you can clearly see from the graphs.

In February 2013 there was a large spike in sales, this was mostly likely due to a very effect Valentine’s day promotion run by the retailers at the time with many gifts, toys and accessories being bought by customers for their partners, despite this spike in February 2013 the business has still been making consistent sales each day with the most recent weeks daily commissions being shown at the graph to the top of the page. This has ranged from £12-£72 a day in passive, additional income for the potential owner.

Further down the image you’ll be able to see the amount of clicks occurring on the website, which is a general indication to the total amount of visitors the website is achieving on a monthly basis, as a guideline for our earnings we like to see websites gaining around 200 clicks to the retailers a day to see the earning potential estimated on our website. February 2013 saw over 4,000 impressions (visits to the site) during this month, which resulted in over 1,000 clicks to the retailers and sales being made as a result.

ybis affiliate earnings

This second image shows the earnings being made in February 2013 in much more detail,  in fact the exact commissions being earned from 1st February 2013 – 28th February 2013. We can clearly see that with an average click rate of as little as 20-30 clicks a day (less than half what we know is achievable within your first year) they have earnt over £420 in additional income within the month of February 2013. Wouldn’t you like this additional income?

ybis affiliate marketing

In this last image we have shown you a breakdown of the amount of commission being paid from each individual retailer as you can see the top graph shows that the website is promoting products from a variety of different online retailers including Love Honey, Simply Pleasure, Sex Shop 365, Sex Toys, Honour, Honeylicious and Cock Locker. It shows that the majority of sales have come from Love Honey’s products indicating that a sale might have been on for this retailer at this time, encouraging customers to purchase this suppliers products.

The next graph simply shows how much of the commissions earned have been confirmed with around 30% confirmed and ready to be paid to the potential business owner and the rest pending approval which usually takes around a week or so. Another graph shows the effectiveness of the ybis website quality with our cookie tracking system that is responsible for proving you as the business owner are responsible for the sale as you can see over 90% of the sales have been confirmed through recognised cookies (PC Identifier) from the clients website and the rest still being recognised as visitors from the business owners website through alternative tracking methods, meaning NO sales slip through your fingers.

So as you can see these business opportunities could provide you with the additional income necessary to change your life for the better and give you that income you have always wanted. We have long been known to offer the best return on investment potential for any business opportunity in this field and we are dedicated to make running your business a success with our comprehensive back up, training and support. Don’t miss out on becoming the next ybis success and enquire about any of our online business opportunities now.

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