Christmas meals in the UK - time is not only comps, leisure and whiles dedicated to family but also… great meals! Let’s see what we can find in traditional Christmas dinner menu in the United Kingdom.

Typical Christmas dinner

You should know that Christmas foods can be a bit different in others areas of the UK. Very known meals at Christmas table is turkey. Britishers often get a frozen one, next thaw it, roast and serve with garnishes as they like. Inside turkey can be also the stuffing, however stuffing can be different depending on regions. For example, in North America popular version is chestnut stuffing – puree with chestnut mixed with onions, butter, breadcrumbs and herbs. Britishers would like to herb stuffing, mainly with thyme. turkey well fit to roast potatoes. Unusual part of Christmas Eve supper is pigs in blankets – little sausages in bacon which often surround the turkey. If there are vegetarians in home, an alternative for turkey is a nut roast filled of roasted chestnuts, winter vegetables and mushrooms.

Christmas sweets

Dried fruit and brandy butter are kind of Christmas pudding. Other proposition is mince pies – tiny crumpets with raisins, nuts spices and another ingredients. After baked they seem to be perfect with a cup of tea or glass of wine for the end of Christmas dinner. Popular cake on the Christmas table is started months before holiday. It contains fruits and different nuts and from time to time is „fed” with brandy. Before Christmas Eve supper cake is douse in layer of white icing. With red band that cake looks gorgeous.

Important vegetable given on Christmas dinner is brussel sprouts, often with bacon. Even though a lots of Britishers do not like it, brussel sprouts almost always can be found on the table at Christmas. Other popular vegetable this time Eve supper is boiled carrots or red cabbage.

Christmas is amazing time – also for our nutrition. Trying of traditional Christmas dishes is important part of every Christmas. Enjoy your meal!