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Like everyone else we like being complimented!


Sometimes its nice to hear others rant and rave about how good your work is, you can only do that so much yourself. Here are some of the testimonials we have received from our satisfied valued clients to date, and we always welcome more, hopefully yours will be the next on the list.

Run Shoe Store Review

I had been looking for an affiliate website for some time and had looked at a few different companies. When I came across ybis I gave them a call and I was impressed by their friendliness and honesty about building an affiliate website business.

I am not much of a gambler and don't really have too much technical knowledge, so I was really sceptical and didn't know if I was way out of my depth. I am now in my third month and can make sense of it all now. I have had brilliant support from Karl, Brad and the team at ybis, they are always there to give advice and guide me in the right direction.

Hopefully in twelve months time I will have a success story to tell and be able to give advice to others starting out.

Debbie - Run Shoe Store

Road Home Comforts Review

I had been looking at this type of franchise for about 18months. Then I come across ybis and from the start I knew that they were the right people.

I wanted a site that all Truck Drivers could get what they needed to make their lives on the road a little bit easier. Straight away Carl and the lads went off and did some research for me not at my request but their own.

They came back within the week to say that they thought it was a good market place. This made me feel that they cared alot about the people that bought their product and hence was born.

It's early days yet and I'm into the training never having done this before, there is a lot to learn. With the help of Carl and 'Tech' Karl and the rest of the crew we are getting there. If I have any problems at all they are on the end of a phone and have always got time and provide sound advice. Once this site is up and running I will be back for more.

L G Halcomb - Road Home Comforts

My Home Fitness Review

I recently purchased from YBIS and would like to take the time to tell you how pleased I have been with the quality of both the website and your assistance. I had been considering purchasing a website for some time before finally contacting a selection of companies. Many of these companies were offering the world and guaranteeing phenomenal incomes for minimal work. What led me to choosing YBIS was both there professionalism and their honest approach. Not once have they made false promises and the whole time they have said that the more you put in to the website, the more you will get out of it.

Before purchasing myhomefitness I was hugely sceptical about my own ability in being able to do what is required but now having started, my mind has been put at ease. Yes there is a lot to learn but the training provided explains everything very clearly and on the odd occasions that you need help they are always available.

Many thanks and good luck for the future.

Matt - My Home Fitness

All Football Boots Review

Carl and the YBIS team, Thank you so much for my new site. The site looks great, Carl has been so helpful, he advised me right from the start, answering all my queries and there were plenty. Its early days, I have just taken ownership of my site, Im going through the training information at the moment, looks like there is plenty of work ahead. Hope to update you soon when I start making money, so far so good, Ybis have been a pleasure to deal with.

Colm Clearly - All Football Boots

Cycling n Running Review

Having purchased from YBIS, I would just like to say that it was a very good experience and continues to be so. We were very specific about what we wanted and our numerous requirements were dealt with very efficiently. From day 1 Carl has been a great help with advice and fielding our many questions, I dont think we were the easiest of clients but every query was met with an enthusiastic response and dealt with quickly and accurately. Gareth and technical Karl were also great helps during the build process. Hopefully after we experience success with our first site with YBIS we will back for more before the year is out.

Cormac McGreevey - Cycling n Running

Jeans by Designers Review

Dear Ybis, We would just like to say a big thank you to all you guys for all the help you have given us so far. It is still early stages for us and many of the terminology and functions we need to use are completely alien to us. However your training manuals and especially your training videos are proving invaluable. We appreciate your quick response to our emails and phone calls and have been busy blogging away. Our website is ideal as we can work on it where ever we are and don't need to be at home. We are looking forward to reaping the rewards of all our efforts.

Andy and Tina - Jeans by Designers

Activity Watches Review

The Ybis business Opportunity is a fantastic way to make an income from the internet and in a field I am interested in. I have been wanting an internet business for a while and I am glad I bought a website from Ybis. They have a great technical and support team to answer any queries I have and are happy to help and also able to learn a valuable skill in the process.

Juber - Activity Watches

UK Driving Experience Review

To the Ybis Team, I have purchased a great website from you that has transformed into a semi-automated money making machine! I must say it is still early to show any real results, but the support I have received from Carl and the rest of the team as a whole has been fantastic. Unfortunately I have not had much time to spend on it at this moment but I believe that with the training and support I will start making the earnings estimated in the upcoming months. I hope this will be the beginning of a new successful adventure into an internet business.

Thanks again for your support!

Rinad - UK Driving Experience

Perfect Pushchair Review

Thank you so much to the team at Ybis! I absolutely love my new website! I had left my my full time job with 'the self group' after 8 long years to be a full time house wife to look after my beautiful little girl which, is arguably almost as hard! After being handed my website from Ybis, I made sure I was following the training, spinning articles and to my surprise, after only 3 weeks I have already begun making sales! It's certainly beating all my expectations, if it continues in this way I should think I will be able to match and even better the wage I was earning to begin with!

Looking forward to speaking with you soon so you can give me more tips, the training has been very self explanatory, lots of love.

Katie XxX - Perfect Pushchair

Just Beard Trimmers Review

To the team at Ybis. I have been working on the site for a week now and I have entered the training areas and spoken to various team members in the office. I must congratulate you on your back up and support and I would hope to make the anticipated earnings we discussed with your training and my efforts. If it all works out I will certainly have no hesitation buying another website.

An update from Mike... (02-10-12)

Hi Ybis team, I've been steadily following your training and taking it all in, following the advice you have given me and I'm making some good progress, I have quite a few products coming up on the front page of Google and a few of my chosen search terms are coming up too. Just a few more months work and I would expect to be on page 1, I'm also pleased to say that sales are being made on a regular basis, and I should be scheduled to make a full return on my investment by Christmas and hopefully not miss out on the spending boom! For me this will be a great achievement. I look forward to 2013 and reaching my anticipated earnings!

Mike - Just Beard Trimmers

Home Electronic Store Review

I would like to thank Ybis for creating my website for me, I have been following your training and I have stuck to your format and clearly it has worked. I would recommend to anybody if they wanted to work with ybis and their team. There is always great phone and email support and I can always get hold of someone!

Kalu - Home Electronic Store

Affiliate Review

The team at Ybis designed a bespoke site for me, which is now earning me a passive income day and night. In fact I am even considering giving up the day job and will be buying another website from Ybis as I am hungry for even more success! It really does work!

Jack S

Self Temptation Review

Hi Guys,

I would just like to let you all know over in the UK how please myself and my team are with the finished product of Self Temptation, you have great customer service, are easy to contact even from the US, great advice and we are pleased we found you online and chose to work with you on our project. We have no hesitation on using you to build other sites for us in the future with our planned expansion program.

Best Wishes from us all. Robert - Self Temptation

Richmond Classics Review

I've been in the industry for 20 years and I was talked into having an e-commerce site, but I have always been reluctant in that regard but was convinced I needed to keep up with the times and enter the 21st century I chose your team to deliver the website I needed and work began mid 2010 completion was only a few months ago and I am very pleased with the significant sales to-date, great team at ybis and great communication and I look forward to continued improvement of my site.

Keith - Richmond Classics

Simply Erotic Review

Thanks for building my website its been a great benefit as an add on to my existing sales even though ranking is very difficult in the adult industry, we are managing to get quite significant traffic to the site, which leads to good sales figures. I am very happy with the design look and feel and will be happy if anyone would like to contact me for references at any time. Good luck to the team at ybis, and thanks again.

Anghad - Simply Erotic

Easy Ride Bikes Review

Thank you ybis for selling me a fantastic website, I have been selling electric bikes on my new website for over 6 months and the sales are growing rapidly customers find my website on google easily and comment on the functionality and user friendliness and the way they can navigate around the site and chose what they would like to order. This has all been a great asset to my business and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else.

Mike - Easy Ride Bikes

Amazing Tails Review

Dear Daryl, Gareth and the Ybis Team

Thank you for our new website, we contracted you to build this site for us and we are happy with the ybis team, you all dealt with the project very professionally, honestly and with integrity you worked with us on our project and we have a finished product with which we feel will be very successful.

We look forward to working with you in the UK version of our site and would recommend you anytime. Thank you again for the hospitality you showed me when I came to a meeting in UK and showing me the local area.

Best Regards, Alistair