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Why YBiS?

Your Business Internet Solutions is a company dedicated in getting your company a professional, sleek, and effective online presence.


Your business website should compliment your style, your business ethos, and your corporate brand not dictate them. No business is too small to benefit from having a quality website that is certain to establish instant credibility with potential clients.


Business websites are a great platform for offering a shop window to your existing and potential clientèle, therefore being able to generate better quality and greater numbers of enquiries than traditional advertising media’s, with a business website your business is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Your business in the past has more than likely been marketed solely upon traditional printed media whether it be magazine adverts, free ads advert, yellow pages listings or trade publications these advertisements will always be static, once it has been printed it can't be changed or offer interaction with potential customer. So if people are looking at this media out of hours with no way of being able to contact you you have potentially lost this customer as you are unable to answer enquiries until the next working day.


Your website can deliver this information directly without all the usual missed or wasted phone calls, and without the cost of a printed advert with the same vast array of information. You can describe to potential customers the work you undertake, give them an idea of your price structure, display images and descriptions of previous jobs, testimonials from previous customers or photos of your work that demonstrates your workmanship and skill. Your website could also allow potential customers to use a contact form to give you an idea of the nature of their enquiry before you make direct contact, request a call back, request a brochure or even arrange a mutually convenient time to call.


Referral rates and conversions will also benefit, when people recommend your business a website URL is far easier to remember and pass on than a traditional name and telephone number, and with social networking sites now a part of everyday life for many, when a customer recommends your business to one friend all the people within both networks will see that referral.


Having a website is more than simply just having it built and leaving it, a website is like a member of staff, and with YBIS you will be employing the best member of staff that you will ever have! Web pages are not fixed and can grow, change or evolve in complexity as your business does. We don't just build websites we develop them and evolve them, our relationship with your business doesn't just end with us delivering your completed work.


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